kristie & nick


Nick Smith planned to surprise his girlfriend of two years with a marriage proposal on their anniversary weekend. But did a throwaway comment from a restaurant manager give the game away?

“Good luck with your future,” said the manager as Kristie McLean and Nick Smith left the restaurant after celebrating two years together over a romantic dinner.

The throwaway comment could have spoiled Nick’s surprise proposal to follow, but fortunately Kristie let it go over her head. “I thought it was a strange thing to say, but I didn’t think about it for long,” she said. Nick had let the manager in on the secret when he made the dinner reservation, but hadn’t specified exactly when the proposal would take place.

With the surprise still intact, Kristie and Nick returned to their room at the Stamford Grand. He had already stunned Kristie with candles and scattered rose petals when they arrived at the hotel, along with a bottle of Moet, chocolates and pre-dinner canapés.

The romantic touches even caused Kristie to joke at dinner that she expected to turn around and see Nick on one knee. “I was completely joking about it and he just laughed it off,” she said.

Yet that’s exactly what happened. Back in their room, Nick asked Kristie to close her eyes and when she opened them again, he was on one knee!

Kristie insists it was a complete shock. “I thought it would happen in the future, because we had talked about it a lot, but I definitely didn’t think it was going to happen that night. It was a big surprise!”

Nick presented his bride-to-be with a custom-designed ring from R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design in Clare. Colluding with his future mother-in-law, Nick asked Roger Sutherland to recreate her former engagement ring into a unique design for Kristie. “So Mum knew it was all happening,” said Kristie. “It’s a lot different from all of the other rings I’ve seen recently. I love it.”

Kristie and Nick are planning their Clare Valley wedding for October or November 2015. Stay tuned!


Engagement ring:
R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design

Beck Amey Photography