choosing rings you'll always love.


He’s popped the question, wedding plans are in full swing and now it’s time to choose the wedding rings that will seal the deal on your special day. But how do you choose the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own? Clare jewellery R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design have come up with five questions to ask before you go shopping.

1.   Which metal?

It’s best to use the same metal as your engagement ring to ensure they wear evenly. Also, different carat metals are different colours so if you want them to match, use the same metal.

There are a few things to consider. Some metals are harder wearing, like platinum, palladium, 18ct gold and titanium. Other metals are a little kinder to your budget, like sterling silver or 9ct gold.

Metals range in colours from steel through to white, yellow and rose gold. Also, ask yourself: Are you able to wear your ring at work? Will you be wearing your ring only on weekends? By working out what factors are most important to you, you can then make the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

2.    What style?

Often brides want something that complements their engagement ring while not overpowering it. So consider whether a straight band will fit nicely alongside or will it need to be shaped to fit? If you want to wear it on its own sometimes, consider whether it would look good as a standalone ring. Lately, some brides have chosen two thinner wedding rings that sit on either side of their engagement ring to create a balanced look. Others have personalised their wedding ring by adding precious stones.

Style is a very personal thing. A half round or flat, plain wedding ring may be all that you require. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider what other jewellery you wear; would you like it to complement that? Or would you like your ring to match, or be similar to the design of your fiancée’s ring? Lastly, nothing beats going into a store and trying on different styles, especially if you haven’t worn a ring before.

3.    How wide?

In most cases, the wedding band looks great if it is slightly wider or the same width as the engagement ring. Recently though, having a finer, more delicate width in a wedding ring is proving popular, either plain or with set diamonds. The best way to work it out is to try on different styles alongside your engagement ring.

This can sometimes be tricky. If you haven’t worn a ring before, a wedding ring can feel very uncomfortable, no matter what width. The right width for you can depend on what look you are after, how long your fingers are, or how wide they are. For example, if you have very large fingers, a thin, flat wedding band may look lost on your hand. It’s a matter of trying on the different options. The inside of the ring can be curved, making a big difference to the comfort factor.





4.    Should we engrave something inside?

For decades, couples have chosen to engrave the inside of their wedding rings. You could choose to simply engrave the date of your wedding, your names or initials or you could choose a small, meaningful quote. One client of ours, had a soppy message engraved inside her groom’s ring to make sure he kept it on! The date removes the ‘I forgot’ excuse when your anniversary comes around! Something personal to you is a lovely way to make your wedding rings more meaningful. We offer complimentary engraving on all wedding rings purchased from our store.

5.    Can I use the gold from my great-grandma’s wedding ring?

It is a great idea to combine special pieces of your family’s jewellery into your wedding ring. In most cases this is totally fine. For women, the main thing to consider is the type of metal. Is it the same as your engagement ring? If not, we can still work with it. We can even alloy it to match but we work this out on a case by case basis. For men, it’s an easy concept. We can simply re-use the ring to create your choice of wedding ring.


We hope these tips have been helpful. For more information, see the FAQ page on our website or visit our store. R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design