chelsea & hamish


Little did Chelsea know that on a windy drive to Adelaide, for her boyfirend's high school reunion, it would end up in an amazing proposal.

Hamish had it all planned, the plane, the ring and the painting but he couldn't control the weather...

Earlier in the week, Hamish had suggested they they do something before the reunion as they had plenty of time and a free day. "I made suggestions" explained Chelsea "but he said leave it with him"

With no idea what was going on, they headed through the winding roads through the hills and valleys on the way to town when Hamish received a phone call. It was the phone call to shatter all his best laid plans. Hamish then revealed to Chelsea that he had bought her a ticket to go skydiving, but it was too windy so the operators offered to take them up on a joy flight anyway.

"That was fine" said Chelsea " the wonderful people greeted us at the sky diving location and they assisted in getting us geared up for the joy flight. As we get up higher, we were able to get onto our knees to check out the stunning views of the coast line out the windows."

This was Hamish's opportunity...

" I turned to look out of the window and then when I turned back, there in Hamish's hand was a shining, simply stunning diamond engagement ring! Because the plane was so loud, Hamish very politely, yelled 'Chelsea Ashmeade, will you marry me?' in absolute shock and with tears already flowing I yelled back 'YES!'"

As one of the crew members who had been filming the entire thing poured champagne, both Hamish and Chelsea's hands shook. Chelsea doesn't remember much else other than checking if Hamish had kept with tradition and asked her father's permission, which he had and then did he get the ring from local jeweller, R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design, another yes! Well done Hamish!

As they circled back over the airfield, Chelsea can see the big sign on the ground asking 'Chels, will you marry me?' this was when Hamish explained the original plan. He said "You were supposed to jump out of the plane and see the sign on the way down and I would be there waiting on one knee with the ring"

Although it didn't go as originally planned Chelsea feels this story is much better "It has already been told time and time again. Talk about a romantic - he will forever melt my heart"


Enagagement Ring:

R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design


Skydiving crew